Bromley Counsellor

Counselling/Psychotherapy for Men in Bromley and the South East

My name is Liz. Welcome to a page dedicated to men and their needs.

Why a special page for men?

Men often suffer from increased anxiety and depression.

  • It has become well documented over the past few years that men often find it difficult to ask for and find help when they need support during times of crisis. I believe there's a barrier preventing men from seeking help, as they are expected to be strong and in control at all times. Failure is seen as weakness and a loss of masculinity. Most men have within them, to different degrees, both the protecting, strong man and the emotional, gentle man: balance is about accepting both sides and feeling safe to express them. Regardless of gender, most people will hit a crisis at some point, and counselling is not just the domain of women. Some men may turn to unhelpful habits or addictions, struggling to face what needs to be faced.
  • Men often see vulnerability and intimacy as a weakness and not as a strength, therefore missing an emotional connection with their loved ones.
  • I believe that if men could seek counselling in a confidential and warm environment then men’s mental health will improve with the hope that suicide rates in men will decrease. Some men let things get so bad, that they contemplate ending their life. About 75% of suicides are male
  • Some men struggle how to fully engage in the world as men, partners or fathers.

Some of the many issues men present with:

  • Depression
  • Work based stress
  • Anxiety
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Trauma and childhood abuse
  • Sexuality and Identity
  • PTSD

I offer support and strategies in counselling that will enable you to work through your challenges and experiences, to help you make informed life choices. You can find more about the kind of counselling I offer on my Counselling page.

I hope that my website will offer you an insight and understanding of what counselling involves and get a sense of how I work as a counsellor.

Can I help?

If you can relate to any of the above or have other experiences you wish to explore then I may be able to help you. Just give me a call on 07801494418 or contact me via email to talk about counselling. Have a look at my Practicalities page for details of venue, fees etc.